Gracias was founded in 2020 in Germany. Our company offers high-quality, environmental-friendly clothing. At Gracias, we believe in three core values: Sustainability, quality, and design. These three concepts build the foundation of our company and represent the guidelines that our employees and we follow.

The idea of Gracias came into life in 2020. Motivated by the declining quality of clothing, we decided to act. Shortly after, Gracias was born.

After thorough preparation throughout 2020, our first products left our manufacturing facilities in 2021. Since then, we deliver high quality products that promise longevity and sustainability to our customers.


Our Values


Quality is the core component of our brand. Our products are designed to be worn for a long time without losing quality. We solely use materials and fabrics of the highest quality. Before any products lands in our stores, it is subject to thorough quality controls. By making sure that all products meet our high standards, we can deliver you high-quality clothing. You, as the customer, benefit by receiving clothes that are free of pollutants and are sustainable at the same time.

We make sure that all our employees work under fair conditions. Reports of exploitation in third-world countries are shocking and inhuman at the same time. We firmly distance ourselves from these business practices and want to ensure that our employees are treated fairly. As such, we exclusively manufacture our products within Europe to comply with the strict work regulations set by the European Union. Paying fair wages to our employees is equally as crucial as their work safety.


Sustainability is a significant pillar of our brand promise. The gradual destruction of our environment partly inspired the foundation of Gracias. The climate crisis is a serious topic that affects every one of us. Unfortunately, an irresponsible form of consumerism has led to a culture of quick disposal of clothing and other goods. The resulting increase in garbage is a serious threat to our environment and must be battled at all costs.

All materials that we use in our production process are biodegradable. This ensures that our products are no harm to the environment, even after their life cycle has come to an end. On top of that, the longevity of our products is part of our promise.


Design is the last key of our company philosophy. We create clothes that are not only of high quality and sustainable but also carry an element of luxury. Our designers have multiple years of experience in their field and understand what it takes to create clothing that matches the current trends. The result is clothes that look good, feel good, and are environmentally responsible.